Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Department at Dawn House School consists of a small team of an Occupational Therapist and three Occupational Therapy Assistants. The OT team aims to maximise the functional ability and independence of each pupil, using purposeful and meaningful activities.

At Dawn House all students benefit from occupational therapy intervention integrated into the curriculum/extended curriculum. Therapy can consist of direct intervention, OT integrated into the curriculum or a combination of both. Examples of intervention integrated into the school day include class directed programmes to develop fine motor skills, assistant support in practical subjects such as Design and Technology, Food Tech and P. E.,

Therapist and assistant support during life skill training, and the teaching of strategies to support organisation, visual perceptual/visual motor skills, sensory modulation and sensory processing. OTs work collaboratively as part of the multi-disciplinary team, contributing to IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and joint goal setting for individual pupils.

Please download our Occupational Therapy policy here.