Considering Dawn House School?

I CAN’s Dawn House School is a special day and residential school in Rainworth, Nottinghamshire for children and young people ages 4-19years with severe and/or complex SLCN including Asperger’s Syndrome.

Pupils are admitted to Dawn House School following a multi-disciplinary assessment at the school and acceptance by the Local Authority of any placement offered and responsibility for the termly fees. Places at Dawn House School are largely funded via local authorities, but payment by other parties (e.g. parents, corporates) can be considered.

Admission Procedure

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If you’d like to hear more about Dawn House School and discuss whether or not Dawn House School could be right for your child, please do get in touch.

Telephone: 01623 795361

Raising Awareness of Speech and Language Difficulties

Watch this film produced by Medway University SLT students following a visit by Dawn House School FE students.


Is Dawn House School Right for My Child?

Does your child have speech language and communication needs or Asperger’s Syndrome as their primary need?

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Dawn House School helps children:

whose learning profiles feature:

  • speech and/or language and/or communication skills which show marked deficits in comparison with abilities in other areas
  • non-verbal abilities that fall within the average range or just below, and may include pupils with some mild/moderate learning difficulties
  • attention control problems
  • co-ordination and/or perceptual difficulties
  • immature social/emotional behaviour
  • pragmatic difficulties(verbal and social)
  • learning and social behaviours often associated with mild autistic characteristics
  • medical needs (including epilepsy)
  • secondary mild/moderate visual and/or hearing impairments

and whose language profiles are often characterised by:

  • poor listening and attention skills
  • reduced or absent understanding of verbal language
  • difficulties with understanding idiom, humour and inference
  • slow processing, inaccurate storage and faulty retrieval of information
  • poor understanding of situations, leading to social and emotional difficulties
  • inappropriacy in the use of language
  • limited ability to use language to express ideas and meet needs
  • poor intelligibility
  • confused perception and production of sounds
  • difficulty understanding and using syntactic structures
  • inaccurate or reduced vocabulary
  • frustration in attempts to meet expectations
  • poor problem solving and independence skills
  • immature social and play skills
  • limited range of interests.
  • significant impact on literacy skills

Do you think this is your child?

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Would you like to visit Dawn House School so you can see the setting and care provided and discuss your child’s needs with the staff at the school?

Call 01623 795361 or email:


Following a visit, a holistic specialist multidisciplinary assessment of your child can be booked at Dawn House School to confirm that the placement is suitable.


After the assessment, you can work with your local authority to confirm a placement and funding for the school fees. Private funding is also an option for some pupils. For more information about working with your local authority, please contact them directly.

If you’re unsure, we’d recommend you get in touch with us. Click here to find out how you can get in touch.

Additionally, the I CAN Dawn House Centre has an independent speech and language assessment service when a specialist team offers holistic assessment and gives advice to families about their child’s learning needs. An independent assessment might help you find out if Dawn House School is right for your child.

Dawn House School specialises in helping children who have speech, language and communication (including Asperger’s) as their primary need. For a list of resources that might help your child find the best specialist school for them, please visit