Success Stories

We asked the following question to Dawn House FE students during preparation for CDC focus group about the draft SEN Code of Practice (18.11.13):

“What support has helped you the most – at Dawn House? But also before you got to Dawn House? ”

Support obtained to students at Dawn House School:

  • "Speech and language Therapy has really helped me at DH" - Kate
  • "At Dawn House I’ve learned lots of rules to help me interact with other people – like not touching them" - Ellie
  • At Dawn House, everyone helps you and answers your questions
  • "Speech and language Therapists certainly help" - Jordan
  • "Here, I’ve got lots of help with my reading and writing to help with school – and with my life" - Jo Kirk
  • "The SLT has helped, but I’ve learned to write with touch typing" - Declan
  • "The staff are all very supportive all the time" - Jack
  • "The thing that Dawn House has helped with is making friends and how to fix arguments" - Joel
  • "The SLTs and the LSAs are both good, and you get education suited to your needs" - James

Support obtained at previous schools:

  • "I can’t remember anything they did that helped" - Kate
  • "At my old school they just said: ‘Do this, do that, get on with your work. All in the main class"- Jordan
  • "I got no help at all. They just ignored you" - Jo Kirk
  • "I got some help with bullying – but it wasn’t enough" - Joel
  • "It didn’t work out" - James
  • "Half of the students asked couldn’t remember any support from their previous schools."

Pupil Attainment

Over the last 2 years at the end of key stage 2 over 80% of pupils made outstanding progress consistently achieving in the upper quartile of all SEN learners nationally by making outstanding process in English and Maths.

By the end of compulsory education, an average of 96% of Dawn House pupils exceeded national SEN mean point score predictions. Analysis of Progression Guidance predictions indicate that although pupils were not always entered for GCSE examinations, appropriate alternative courses enabled pupils to exceed expectations. Comparison of the probability of not achieving a Key Stage 4 point score would demonstrate the effectiveness of the school in personalising the curriculum to meet the needs, interests and aspirations of all pupils.

How have former pupils got on?

Read a summary of this study that looks at outcomes and life experiences in adulthood of children who attended Dawn House School:

Clegg J, Ansorge L, Stackhouse J and Donlan C (2012) Developmental communication impairments in adults: outcomes and life experiences of the adults and their parents LSHSS in press

Read the summary here.

Dawn House Business Partnerships

Dawn House School has successful partnerships with local businesses, offering students meaningful work experience placements to develop their employability skills. Read about Dawn House School’s partnership with Linney’s Group's

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