Key Stage 4

The Key stage 4 class is a mixed year 11 and 12 group. There is a core team of form tutor, SLT and at least one learning support assistant. Specialist teaching is offered throughout the curriculum delivered by subject specialists. In maths and English lessons pupils are grouped according to communication need, understanding and ability in that curriculum area.

Students are taught within their class groups for non-core subjects

6th Form

In the 6th Form tutor group sizes vary from eight to twelve students. Each tutor group has a core team of teacher, SLT and at least one learning support assistant. Tutorials take into account students’ language comprehension skills, also taking account of curriculum attainments, learning and social needs.

In Maths and English lessons pupils are grouped according to communication need, understanding and ability in that curriculum area. Vocational options addressing students’ needs, interests and aspirations are delivered on site to all learners across the 14-19 age range.

Students follow one of three pathways and as such may be taught in varying tutor groups depending on students’ daily programmes.

The sixth form department is open to existing Dawn House students but also to other young people who wish to transfer at 16yrs.

Click here for link to the three FE pathways


It is our intention that at Dawn House School we will deliver a coherent KS4 continuum that builds on students’ experience in previous phases.

We believe a coherent curriculum makes sense to learners, is relevant, engaging and interesting whilst enabling students to make good progress through effective differentiation according to need.

Our curriculum is designed to help students develop their ability to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Dawn House School (like all other school) are currently preparing for the introduction of statutory relationships education in 2020 and so this aspect of our curriculum is currently under review. Many students additionally access high quality specialist support, on a one to one or small group basis, from Sexions an outreach team based at Kings Mill Hospital.

Students will experience the full statutory range of subjects, including PHSE, preparing them for adult life with access to appropriate accredited courses throughout Key Stage 4 and 6th Form.

Click on the links to download the Dawn House School Key Stage 4 and 6th Form Curriculum Offer.  For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Assessment Data

Please download out assessment data below:

Dawn House School Year on Year Student Progress Results



Approaches to Literacy

When a pupil is learning to read they are learning to convert the written words into spoken words and are then able to understand the meaning of what they are reading. If they are unable to read one or more of the words then there are different methods of helping them to de-code what the word is other than simply telling them. They may:

  • Find clues in the pictures and illustrations
  • Use their knowledge about the structure of phrases and sentences (grammar)
  • Use the context of what they are reading to identify the word
  • Use their knowledge of spellings and sounds in the words and keywords that they can already read and spell (phonics)

Beginning readers are taught through the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme at. All KS 3, 4 and 5 pupils have access daily literacy lesson in addition to their English lessons which includes reading for pleasure and spelling. Where students may benefit from additional intervention approaches include Shape Coding (to support development of grammar), Reciprocal Reading (to support development of reading comprehension and inference) and Precision Teaching.


Students are supported through the transition period between school and future placement through a range of experiences including day release at a college of further education.

Student destinations 2019-20

100% of Key Stage 4 pupils were engaged in full time study within Dawn House School 6th form. 33% also engaged in courses at our partner college, Vision West Notts.

Leavers were across years 13 and 14:

  • 50% of students secured a place at a college to study their chosen subject
  • 33.3 % applied for full time apprenticeships
  • 16.6% elected to home study through distance learning