At Dawn House we believe

At Dawn House School we believe that:

  • A good school is one that offers a caring, cheerful and safe environment in which pupils and staff feel valued and are encouraged to reach their full potential and where effective learning is promoted.
  • A successful pupil is a happy, confident, well-motivated person who enjoys learning and who is enabled to become an independent member of society.
  • A good member of staff is one who likes the pupils and inspires them in a learning environment which is positive for all and who makes a significant contribution to the pupils' development.
  • An effective learning environment is stimulating and attractive.  In such an environment, a range of well-organised strategies are used to respond to groups and individual needs.  Pupils are offered learning experiences that have an appropriate mixture of challenge and support.

The health, safety and welfare of pupils are a prime concern of the school.  Policies and procedures for Child Protection are securely in place and all staff receives regular training to ensure practices are of the highest standard.  I CAN's recruitment and selection of staff reflects best practice in this area.